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Update System Vote

by CABAL AMPM Team on 2021-06-04 6:13:55 PM

Update System Vote (Every 12 hours)
Each Ip Can Only Vote For One Account/ip, If Multiple Accounts Voted On The Same Ip, Only The First One Is Counted And Will Be Rewarded
Make sure you only vote for Cabal AmPm on the voting site below

Reward per vote:
- TPoint 50
- Key of Infinity (x1)
- Fury Potion (Lv. 4) (x5)
- Chaos Box - Weapon Scroll (Highest) (x1)
- Chaos Box - Armor Scroll (Highest) (x1)

Reward Monthly:
Total Vote x7
- Premium Box (High) (x1)

Total Vote x14
- Premium Box (High) (x1)
- Blessing Bead - Plus (Supreme) 11 Days (x1)
- Slot Extender (High) (x2)

Total Vote x50
- Slot Extender (High) (x2)
- Slot Extender (Highest) (x1)
- Premium Core (High) (x2)