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by CABAL AMPM Team on 2021-09-08 7:23:21 PM

[EV]Exchange Bloody Ice Game Event
- 09/09/2021 - 09/16/2021.
Exchange your Item with Legendary Box (Piece), And exchange the Legendary Box (Piece) with epic item

Box Random Critical Ring +4 (With Random Option)
-CDI : 4%
-MSA : 2%
-SSA : 2%
-Min DMG : 3%

Random Option
-(CDI) (MSA) (Min DMG)
-(CDI) (SSA) (Min DMG)
-(SSA) (CDI) (CDI)
-(MSA) (CDI) (CDI)
-(MSA) (MSA) (CDI)
-(SSA) (SSA) (CDI)
-(CDI) (CDI) (CDI)
-(Min DMG) (Min DMG) (Min DMG)
-(SSA) (SSA) (SSA)
-(MSA) (MSA) (MSA)

And exchange for other items